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How we grow

Being a new grandfather ( I know I look young!!) has been an amazing experience. What I am intrigued with most is just how fast my granddaughter is growing! It seems like overnight she has cut teeth, begun to crawl and now can stand and start to walk. The cute clothes we bought a few months ago no longer fit. I realize a day will come when she will slow down her physical growth and then will grow more intellectually and emotionally. We call this maturity. Yet, I have never seen her “straining” to grow. Why? it happens naturally when she is in the right environment: good food, good care, loving family, etc.

this is similar to how we grow spiritually. Our focus is not on “maturity” or completing the latest and greatest new devotional guide or study book. Growth happens naturally when we our in the right environment. I believe we really grow when we focus on two relationships: our love for God and our love for others. Certainly the Bible, prayer, devotionals and the like help this but what they really do is connect us with God for power and connect us to other believers and allow us to “do life” together. God is a relational God and has created us for relationship with Himself and with others. Therefore, we cannot grow aside from these relationships. Rather than making the focus of your spiritual life on acquiring more knowledge or facts, focus on God’s love and your relationship to Him and secondly on how you can reveal God’s love and grace to those around you. You will find that you begin to grow by leaps and bounds!!!


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