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“You are here for a reason.”

what next?

This past weekend was a weekend filled and anointed by God himself. God was present and moved in the hearts of many people. It was awesome to hear testimony of what God was speaking into lives as well as confession over failures and determination to be different. Many also opened up to the body seeking prayer for difficult circumstances that they face in their life and realized they are not alone. Without it a doubt it was a high time.

so what next? certainly for many it means getting serious about leading their family to know God through His word. For others it is getting involved in small groups or mentoring groups for discipleship. But as a whole, what do we do after a hight time? Often, we just coast on those sails until we finally fall back to the place we once were and look back on the experience with fondness but never letting it really change the course and direction of our life.

Jesus too faced this. In Mark 6 Jesus had just fed 5,000 men with five loaves of bread and two fish. The crowds were astonished and the disciples were totally amazed. Jesus had thousands of people who wanted to follow Him, listen to Him and see what he would do next. so what did Jesus do? did he market the experience on billboards and newspapers? did he plan to build something to hold the crowds? Did he set a time, date and place for the next big event? He did none of these things.

Instead, Jesus sent his disciples to the other side of the sea and he slipped off and prayed. He prayed through most of the night. In his prayer he sought connection with His father and power from His father. He needed this because the storms were coming. Immediately after this he meets up with his disciples who are scared to death and beleive they are gonna die due to a terrible storm on the sea.  How fast we can go from the high mountain top spiritual experiences into the storms of life!

The father had prepared Jesus for what was coming and Jesus met the crisis with all the power of God

A crisis can follow at any time!!

You must stand guard over your high points

It is as these times when you experience God mightily that you should immediately get alone to pray!!

Then you will not be caught unprepared when trials come.


Prayer with our father prepares us for what is coming, for he knows what tomorrow holds

Let us pray even more!!


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