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Living courageously

The story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den is one of my favorite stories in the Bible. It speaks of courage in the face of life threatening danger. The interesting thing is that everything in this story deals with Daniel’s courageous living prior to the lion’s Den. Nothing is really said of the experience in the Lion’s Den itself. Obviously at this point it was no longer Daniel’s courage but God’s action and protection are all that matter. The question for us is do we live out our life daily with courage or do we just want the experience of the Lion’s Den. I like what Steve Furtick says about this:

But most people will never have the opportunity to prove God’s faithfulness in the lions’ den because they have not proved their faith in everyday life.

They’re not going to see God come through for them in a huge way financially because they haven’t learned to trust Him with 10% of what they have.
They’re not going to see increased favor at work because they segregate God from their work.
They’re not going to see God use them in powerful ways at their school because they live in such a way that no one knows they even believe in God.

Don’t try to be like Daniel in the lions’ den. Be like Daniel who prayed every day and had integrity. Be like Daniel and serve God continually in every aspect of your life. Have the courage and faith to live in such a way that God actually has a platform to show His faithfulness from.

And then God will do His thing in the lions’ den.



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