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God Can

Most people would agree that we are living in the last days of this world as we know it. If you simply pick up the Bible and begin to read the signs of Christ’s return it appears that it could be this very moment.

Though we as beleivers look forward to this day I beleive there are some dangers for us as well. the number one danger is that of complacency and cacooning. We feel that God is d0ne working and we just hunker down and try to hold on to the end.

As we pray for revival, there are some who would say it is a waste, that God is past that. but I think not. I am encouraged as I read all the scriptures of God’s grace and merciful hand even upon individual families and groups. In the Bible we regularly see God’s hand of judgment upon a people and nation and with that comes great destruction. Yet, you will find Him showing mercy and working in the life of that one family or person who remained obedient and steadfast in their faith in spite of what everyone else around them was doing.

Will God bring revival to America? I cannot answer that. I would hope so but there certainly seems no desire for it. But I am convinced that God can bring revival to a church and community and I beleive He wants to do it here!

There may be a dryness and a spiritual valley of dead bones all around but God can bring a river of water in the midst of it if we ask.

Please continue to pray for revival and those folks you plan to invite


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  1. Sleeping through the end of the world will not be seen as doing God’s work. We all need to use our gifts to save each other, or we will be seen as fleas on a dog instead of servants of our Lord. We need to light our lamps to light the our way and honor our Lord.

    Comment by hoboduke | June 4, 2010 | Reply

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