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How Far will You go

This is the time of year for our annual Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. I give thanks to God that each year it has grown and we are able to send more to support our SBC missionaries. So I say this skating on thin ice: Is it enough? I’m not asking if the amount we send is enough. Obviously there is always need for more to do more and reach more. What I am asking is does God want more from me and you and I feel assured the answer is “Yes!”  Writing a check is a pretty easy thing but going to a soup kitchen is not. Finding a few extra bucks in our wallet to donate is not all that hard, but going to a neighbor or a stranger in need is not. What God is calling us to is not an either/ or but a both/and.  We can give but we should also go. God has placed each of us within a circle of influence at school, work, community, etc if we will simply take the time, go out of our way, and share the love of Christ both in action and words. So how far will you go? Will you give up a lunch, an evening, a ball game, a week. Let me put it one other way, how much is too much for God to ask of your life?


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