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Crying out to God

I have been reading in the book of Judges here the last few mornings. Chapter 3 starts the beginning of what we call the Judges of Israel. The first two are found in this chapter and are Othniel and Ehud. What caught my attention is the continual cycle that the Israelites found themsleves in and is probably no different than our lives and the church today. First step, the Israelites did evil in the sight of God. In other words they went back to doing their own thing rather than God’s. Second, this lead to their enemies rising up against them and subduing them. Third, when they finally had enough they would cry out to God. Fourth, he would send a judge, a deliverer, who would lead them to victory and back to worship of God. Fifth, this lead to peace in the land.

It all stems back to the crying out to God. It was not God’s intention that the people remain under the thumb of these foreign and idolatrous nations. But they would until they cried out to God. Crying out to God displays brokeness, repentance and a need that we cannot meet in our life. Each time God in His great mercy and love heard their cry and responded.

What I find that I need more in my life is less independence and more crying out to God. He tells us that He is near to the brokenhearted and he desires to be our deliverer and strong tower. In our church we need to cry out to God. We realize this when we are brokenĀ  and desperate and realize our complete inability to carry out the work of God on our own strength and resources

May we eac cry out to God today.


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